Frequently asked questions

Q:What does it cost?
A:The most you will ever pay collectmydetors is just £49.95. You can bulk buy credits, which enables you to recover a debt for as low as £15.00. Click on bulk buy if you have more than one debtor, or outsource the chase of your overdue invoices to us.
Q:Is a recognised collection agency?
A:Yes. We are Authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) for these activities, recovery of debts with-in the UK and Europe and are members of associations including, The Credit Services Association (CSA) and The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA), You can be assured that we work to a very professional and high standard, and that our service is at all times safe and reliable.
Q:Is there a time limit on unused credits?
A:No. Once you have purchased your credits they have no expiry date so they are there for you to use at any later date.
Q:How secure is your site? uses secure web servers and has the strongest encryption available on the web today. You can rest assured that all of your information is protected. We will never hand your information to a 3rd party, or use your data in any way that contravenes the Data Protection Act. All purchases for credits are processed safely and securely via Cashflows on behalf of WorldNet.
Q:Can your documents be used as evidence?
A:Yes, all letters and documents recorded on your online account can be used as evidence. This will support your case that you have taken reasonable steps to collect your debt before taking court action. In most cases, when you prove to the court that you have taken reasonable steps to recover your money, the court is more likely to award judgement in your favour.
Q:Do I receive copies of all correspondence?
A:Yes, we automatically email copies of all correspondence that are received from your debtor for reference.
Q:What if the debt is disputed?
A:If your debtor disputes all or any part of the debt we will forward any written communication received and email you of anything your debtor has said or message left with our collections team. If you agree and accept a settlement direct with your debtor, just update you clients account as paid, if you decline any offer we will continue the recovery as you original instructed.
Q:Would it be quicker to take Court Action?
A:If you take court action your debtor will usually receive details of your claim within 5 days of submission. Your debtor then has 14 Days to reply or put forward a defence. If your debtor chose’s to defend the claim, it could take up to 10 weeks for the court hearing date. You will have to pay to submit the claim form plus you will also have to pay Solicitors fee’s to represent you, or take time out yourself to attend the court hearing. This can be expensive and time consuming, and no guarantee you will be successful in getting paid by your debtor. You may get judgment in your favour, you may only get repayment in small instalments from your debtor spread over many months or even years. May we suggest that by entering your debtors details into for a very low one-off payment, add late payment and interest and let us get back all that you are entitled to before considering any alternative course of action.
Q:I do not know the debtor’s current address?
A:We are only able to collect if you have the debtors current address, but we are here to help so please phone or email us and we can trace for a small fee and then you can enter debtor for recovery at only £49.95 or less.
Q:Do you send people to collect my money?
A:No. Firstly this will add huge costs to the recovery, and we find that our collection model is very successful without the need to visit . Once we have spoken to the debtor payment is made direct to you, when they know we are involved.